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5 great benefits from drinking enough water

Whenever we drink enough water to meet the needs of the body. It will be useful. these follow

Assoc. Prof. (Special) Dr. Pisut Katawetin, physician in the Nephrology Unit Department of Internal Medicine Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society states that water is an important component of the body. Which the body will have about 50-60 percent of water. Drinking water in moderation 1-2 liters per day will help promote good health .

5 great benefits from drinking enough water

  1. Radiant skin, not dry
  2. The body is fresh, not tired
  3. The circulatory system works better.
  4. The digestive system works better.
  5. The excretory system works better.

Things to know before drinking water

  • Avoid drinking 1-2 liters of water all at once as the body will not be able to excrete excess water from the body in UFABET time.
  • some patients You may be advised by your health care practitioner to increase or limit your water intake. depending on the disease and physical condition of each patient

How to drink water for maximum benefit to the body

  • drink clean water free from impurities
  • Drink water in small sips throughout the day. You should not drink a lot of water at once.
  • Be careful with a single drink in large quantities. Because it will make the kidneys work harder, dilute the blood or the amount of water in the cells so much that edema occurs. May cause cytotoxicity dizziness or headache, etc.
  • Avoid drinking water quickly because it affects the functioning and pumping of the heart
  • If drinking water from a regular water bottle including a glass of water Don’t forget to wash regularly. to prevent germs or bacteria from accumulating