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How to drink water to meet the needs of the body

“Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.” Is this theory still valid? And if we forget to count the number of glasses How do we know if we’re drinking enough water?

Drinking water seems like a simple matter. that I don’t see having to sit and repeat often But did you know that many people have a problem “forgetting to drink water” during the day, maybe stuck in school, working long hours and not getting up to go anywhere? Or running so busy that you forget to drink water, even forget that you are thirsty. And that’s why the UFABET body doesn’t get enough water.

How to drink water to meet the needs of the body

What happens when we don’t drink enough water?

  • various working systems of the body and brain working worse
  • The body is unable to transport nutrients to different parts of the body. of the body as well as before
  • Dry, rough, dehydrated skin wrinkle easily
  • body movements become worse due to lack of water to help lubricate the joints and the performance of the muscles becomes worse as well
  • increased risk of constipation

and many more

How to drink enough water to meet your body’s needs

About 60% of body weight is water. Which is a component of the blood, organs, muscles, skin and brain in one day, so we should drink enough water about 2 liters or 6-8 glasses, but if exercising, having a fever, diarrhea or vomiting, should drink more water. 

If you forget how many glasses of water you drank today Is that enough? can be observed from “The color of urine” during the day is dark yellow. Does it have a strong odor? If so, drink more water immediately. The urine of people who are well hydrated is usually pale yellow and has a mild pungent odor. (in case of no disease)

Also, the number of times you urinate is important. Normally, you should urinate every 3-4 hours or 4-8 times a day. or urinating less than 4 times a day, we may drink too little water

How to drink water for maximum benefit to the body

  • drink clean water free from impurities
  • Drink water in small sips throughout the day. You should not drink a lot of water at once.
  • Be careful with a single drink in large quantities. Because it will make the kidneys work harder, dilute the blood or the amount of water in the cells so much that edema occurs. May cause cytotoxicity dizziness or headache, etc.
  • Avoid drinking water quickly because it affects the functioning and pumping of the heart
  • If drinking water from a regular water bottle including a glass of water Don’t forget to wash regularly. to prevent germs or bacteria from accumulating