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When should you not drink a lot of water?

  1. It’s said that we should drink lots of water, but there are actually times when it’s not a good idea to drink lots of water.

Normally, if you think roughly We should drink about 6-8 glasses of water per day to be able to say that drinking enough water to meet the needs of the body. But it’s not always the case in each person. and each day

drinking lots of water In this case, it means Drinking several glasses of water at once, although in practice it may be possible not dangerous But at some point in time Drinking water several times in a row may not be as beneficial to the body as you think.

When should you not drink a lot of water?

When should you not drink a lot of water?

In fact Drinking a small amount of water, about 1 glass before meals. It has a positive effect on the body in terms of preparing the stomach to work more efficiently. In addition, drinking water before eating may also fill you up faster. having less appetite It is a good way for people who are losing weight as well. But should not drink too much water before eating. May cause heartburn It is best to drink half to 1 glass of water 30 minutes before eating.

  • before exercise

drinking water before exercise It has the same effect on the body as drinking water before eating. But it is useful in terms of adding water to the body to feel refreshed. And be prepared for exercise, an activity that causes the body to lose a lot of water than usual. But drinking plenty of water a few minutes before exercising. May also cause heartburn during exercise. Therefore, it is best to sip a small glass of water. or drink water 30 minutes before exercising

  • before bed

Some people may think The time before bedtime is when you should drink a lot of water. Because the body will be dehydrated for a long time from hours of sleep, but actually drinking a lot of water. Bedtime doesn’t do much to compensate for dehydration during sleep. or in other words while we sleep The body does not need that much water. Bedtime can also cause you to get up frequently at night to urinate. Causing us to not fully sleep again

In fact Dr. Sirianan Prasit, Yala Center Hospital, Yala Province, stated that we should refrain from drinking water 4 hours before going to bed and should urinate before going to bed. so that the body does not have to get up to urinate while sleeping If you are thirsty before bedtime A small sip should be enough to quench your thirst.