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Tuchel worried about the mental health of the players in the team

Chelsea’s German manager Thomas Tuchel admitted he was worried about the mentality of his players. After news about Roman Abramovich emerged but the players were all focused on football. very well

After Russian leader Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine. Chelsea was hit hard by Russian-owned Roman Abramovicd. It close relationship with Vladimir Puti. In which Roman Abramovich was pressured to sell the club immediately. Previously had talks with many people who were interested and the negotiations were about to end. But there was a major turning point because of the latest. The English Football Federation does not allow Roman Abramovich to sell the club under any circumstances.

It also banned the sale of everything. Including tickets in order to cut Roman Abramovich’s income in all cases. Plus the latest has been met with bad news. As the sponsor is preparing to withdraw from Chelsea again. Rai and Chelsea will be required to play without a shirt sponsor. But Chelsea continued to perform well. Beating Norwich City with a simple win over Thomas Tuke. L also admitted that he was concerned about the mental state of the players as a result of the incident.

To say that I am not worried at all would be a lie. Because with the incident it can create a lot of difficulties in both the concentration and mental state of the players. But from the results of the last match It shows that my players can concentrate on the UFABET game. They are ready to do their best every game that comes on the field.