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Conte Seng! Doherty suffers a knee ligament injury to save chicken for three months

Spurs have to lose important generals to win the top four tickets during the final curve of the season when Matt Doherty, the main defensive line. Injured knee, out for 12 weeks, plus helping the Irish national team to compete in the Nations League Group B1 in June as well.

Tottenham Hotspur have been hit with bad news when Ireland ‘s right-back Matt Doherty Injured. The inner knee ligament From the match that beat Aston Villa 4-0 on Saturday April 9. Leaving the right to help the team for about three months and is unlikely to recover in time to help the hometown team in the UEFA Nations League Group B1 match that will race in june

The UFABET game at Villa Park. The 30-year-old star can’t continue playing after being slided in by Matty Cash on the right knee. Until having to be substituted in the 21st minute. Then Sergio Reguilon came down to play instead. Which the report stated. From a detailed examination, it was found that It is an injury to the inner knee ligament. Which takes about 12 weeks to recuperate.

That means this fortress will be eligible to help the team compete for the top four. Arsenal during the rest of this season. While with the Irish national team. Discussed will miss helping the team in the UEFA Nations League Group B1 battle against Ukraine. Armenia and Scotland to compete in June as well.

Doherty stepped up as the main body of the Italian coach Antonio ConteAfter failing when Jose Mourinho and Nuno Espirito Santo  took over the army, he has made 26 appearances this season in all competitions, of which he has scored 2 goals in the last 5 games and 3 more assists for Golden Spikes Kai 

For Spurs at this time, currently ranked 4th in the table with 57 points from 31 games, leading Arsenal 5th on 3 points, but playing more than 1 game, however, if the Gunners win in the residual matches, they still cannot Can overtake anyway because the goal difference of Golden Spikes chicken is better, so if Conte ‘s team continues to win in the rest of the match will get tickets to UCLA immediately without having to pay attention to other teams