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Ronaldo expresses compassion, rushes to watch the symptoms of handing the shirt to the field guard After shooting the ball until it collapses (with clip)

It’s rare to see Cristiano Ronaldo miss a shot. But when he misses it means someone’s going to get hurt. Which takes place in the UEFA Champions League game. The first group stage match between Young Boys and Manchester United. , during the warm-up period , Cristiano Ronaldo practiced scoring goals as usual. But it turns

Bruno reveals Garner

Bruno reveals Garner and Elanga are future players

Since joining from Sporting Lisbon in 2020. Bruno Fernandes has been able to immediately become a central figure for Manchester United. Player a key role in helping Manchester United finish second. Of the points table in the 2020/21 season. Unfortunately, Manchester United failed to win

Sweden Allsvenskan

Match: [Sweden Allsvenskan] Yergarden vs Sirius

Match: [Sweden Allsvenskan] Yergarden vs Sirius Competition time : Monday 19 July 2021 ufabet 00.00 Open Rate: Bayer Garden 1 / 1.5racetrack Tele2 Arena. Last meeting, including all items,INT CF 24/02/21 Sirius 2-6 Yer GardenSWE D1 24/10/20 Yer Garden 4-0 Sirius14 /06/20 Sirius 0-2 Yer Garden  10/08/19