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Ronaldo expresses compassion, rushes to watch the symptoms of handing the shirt to the field guard After shooting the ball until it collapses (with clip)

It’s rare to see Cristiano Ronaldo miss a shot. But when he misses it means someone’s going to get hurt. Which takes place in the UEFA Champions League game. The first group stage match between Young Boys and Manchester United.

, during the warm-up period , Cristiano Ronaldo practiced scoring goals as usual. But it turns out that he missed the ball and flew over the crossbar. hit the head of one of the female guards on the field Until causing the card to fall to the ground at

all. The female guard said before Ronaldo jumped over the barrier to look at symptoms as well. According to reports, it has been revealed that Ronaldo went in for an examination and made a sincere apology Before the end of the game , Ronaldo presented himself with the jersey he wore in the match. to the female card as an apology as well