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Match: [Vikkuska, Finland] Inter Turku vs HIFK Helsinki

Match: [Vikkuska, Finland] Inter Turku vs HIFK Helsinki

Race time : Sunday 11 July 2021 22:30

Open Rate: The International Tour Guide 0.5 / 1
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Last meeting, including all ufabet programs
FIN D1 29/05/21 Head IFK 1-4 Inter Turku 14/09/20 Head IFK 0-0 Inter Turku
14 08/20 Inter Turku 3-2 Head IFK
14/02/20 Head IFK 1-1 Inter Turku 16/08/19 Inter Turku 3- 2 Head IFK 25/05/19 Head IFK 1-1 Inter Turku 23/02/19 Head IFK 1-3 Inter Turku
16 /10/17 Inter Turku 4-1 Head IFK 04/08/17 Inter Turku 3-0 Head IFK 27/05/17 Head IFK 0-2 Inter Turku

Overall results of the host

UEFA ECL 16/07/21 Pushkash Acadamia 2-0 Inter Turku 08/07/21 Inter Turku 1-1 Pushkash Acadamia
FIN D1 30/06/21 Inter Turku 1-1 Lahti
23/06/21 Ilves 2-1 Inter Turku 18/06/21 Inter Turku 2-0 Sai Joe was leaning
14/06/21 qu TPS International Tour Guide 1-0
10/06/21 International Tour Guide 3-0 IFK Mariehamn Maria
29/05/21 health. DIFK 1-4 Inter Turku 22/05/21 Inter Turku 2-1 KTP Kotka
14/05/21 FC Honga 1-2 Inter Tour Koo

Overall performance of the visiting team
FIN D1 12/07/21 Head
IFK 0-1 Lahti FIN D1 04/07/21 IFK Mariahamn 0-0 Head IFK
FIN D1 30/06/21 Head IFK 0-1 HJK Helsinki
FIN D1 23/06/21 Lahti 0-0 Head
IFK FIN D1 15/06/21 Head IFK 1-0 FC
Honga FIN D1 10/06/21 KTP Kok
Otka 0-2 Head IFK FIN D1 29/05/21 Head IFK 1-4 Inter
Turku FIN D1 23/05/21 AC Olu 1-2 Head IA FK
FIN D1 15/05/21 Head Island FK 1-1 il West
FIN D1 07/05/21 at Joe’s Entertainment Head Island 1-1 FK.

Probability :

Inter Turku has a noticeable drop in performance. They haven’t been able to beat their opponents in their last four games, having just missed out on the Europa League, and their attacking line is quite a problem. It is very difficult to shoot each ball. In the Head IFK, the work has not escaped anywhere. Haven’t found a win in 4 matches in a row as well. The problem is a clear offensive line. The statistics of meeting the hosts are much superior. Today, playing in the nest of Inter Turku still has an advantage over the visiting team that has it all. The price rate is open to 0.5/1. Keep gritting your teeth. will definitely come by appointment

Expected match result: Inter Turku 3-1
Open rate: Inter Turku vs 0.5/1
Confidence: 7/10