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Match: [Colombia Division 1] Alienza Petrolera VS La Ecudad

Match: [Colombia Division 1] Alienza Petrolera VS La Ecudad

Competition time : Monday 19 July 2021 08:05

Open rating: La Ecuada vs 0/0.5
at Estadio Manuel Murillo Toro.

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COL D1 26/03/21 Las E. Cooper 1-1 bending array mimic a feisty Peter Valera
15/02/20 Lisa R. imitate Peter E. Las Valera 1-0 ditch. bending
01/09/19 Las E. Cooper 1-2 bender feisty Peter Julian R. Valera
10/03/19 Lisa R. imitate Peter Valera’s 2-0 La manual bending
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23/02/17 Lisa R. imitate Peter Valera’s 2-0 La manual bending.

Overall performance of the visiting team
COL D1 15/06/21 La Ecudad 1-2
Diportes Tolima COL D1 11/06/21 Diportes Tolima 1-1 La Ecu bending
CON CSA 28/05/21 Las E. Cooper bending (N) 0-0 FBPA the RS
tHE CON 21/05/21 Lanus 4-1 to leave the CSA’s manual bending
CON CSA 14/05/21 R. Chavez. W(N) 1-2 La
Icudad CON CSA 07/05/21 La Icudad(N) 0-1
Lanus COL D1 03/05/21 Atletico Nacional 2- 2 La
Ecuadad CON CSA 30/04/21 La Ecudad (N) 2-1
Aragua COL D1 26/04/21 La Ecudad 1-0 Atletico Nacional
CON CSA 23/04/21 Gremio RS 2-1 La Icudad

Probability :

Alianza Petrolera’s form of play is still unpredictable. They couldn’t beat their opponents in all 10 games they played on the field. The offensive line can’t hope for anything. The dfensive line is equally bad. In La Ecudad, the results are no different. Can’t find victory in 4 games in a row. The defensive line is quite problematic. The offensive line has rarely given hope. The statistics of the two teams are quite similar. . Visitors continue to invade 0/0.5, press continue. Definitely grinding today.

Expected match result: La Icudad 2-1
Open rate: La Icudad 0/0.5
Confidence: 7/10