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Match: [Colombia Division 1] Anse Caldas VS Atletico Heula

Match: [Colombia Division 1] Anse Caldas VS Atletico Heula

Race time : Monday 19 July 2021 06:00

Open rating: Anse Caldas vs 0.5 at Estadio Palogrande.

Last meeting, including all items,  Anse Caldas 1-1 Atletico Heula COL D1 29/04/19 Atletico Huela 1-0 Anse Caldas
20/08/18 Atletico Heula 1-2 Anse Caldas 26/02/18 Anse Caldas 1-0 Atletico Huela
01/ 11/17 Atletico Heula 1-0 Anse Caldas 13/05/17 Anse Caldas 2-1 Atletico Huela
24/10/ 16 Atletico Heula 2-1 Anse Caldas 09/05/16 Anse Caldas 3-0 Atletico Huela 11/09/15 O Ance Caldas 4-0 Atletico Heula 23/03/15 Atletico Heula 1-0 Anse Caldas

Overall results of the host
COL D1 19/04/21 Anse Caldas 2-0 Independiente Medellin
14/04/21 Patriotas 1-1 An San Jose Caldas
06/04/21 Ongar Jose Augusto Caldas 1-2 Jack’s Coeur d’Cordoba
01/04/21 Aguila Dorada Las 2-2 Ongar. San Jose Caldas
28/03/21 Ongar Jose Augusto Caldas 4-2 Robo vacuum Zico
24/03/21 Independence Estudiantes San Jose Augusto da Fe 2-0 Ongar. the
21/03/21 Ongar Jose Augusto da America de Cali 1-1
16/03/21 ratio Atletico Madrid 1-1 Ongar Bukhara Mang Jose Augusto Caldas 07/03/21 Anse Caldas 0-0 Deportivo Cali  02/03/21 Deportivo Pereira 2-0 Anse Caldas

Probability :

Anse Caldas works quite well. They have only lost one of their five games against their opponents, the attacking line being quite dangerous. But prevention is a problem at all. Very easy to concede goals. Atletico Huela’s form is very confident, unbeaten 4 times in a row, the defensive line is really good. Carry a bag full of confidence The statistics of the two teams are quite similar. Today playing in the nest of Anse Caldas, looks better than the away team in almost everything, player, class name, environment, open rate 0.5, press continue. definitely come by appointment

Predicted match result: Anse Caldas 2-1
Open rate: Anse Caldas vs 0.5
Confidence: 7/10

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