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Coffee (some people) The more you drink, the more sleepy you are. 

Most people know that drinking “coffee” helps them feel more energetic. And can relieve drowsiness and drowsiness (Even if they are not coffee drinkers) makes many people addicted to drinking coffee to help relieve fatigue and sleepiness. But some people argue stubbornly. that drinking coffee does not help After drinking, I feel drowsy anyway. Some people fix it by drinking stronger coffee. In the hope that the strong caffeine will help lift the droopy eyelids. What happened was the opposite. Didn’t even finish half of the glass. I fell asleep with my head in the cup of coffee.

Drowsiness in drinking coffee is a symptom that can occur. But why is that? While drinking caffeinated coffee is supposed to keep us stunned. Light up your eyes This story has an explanation.

Coffee (some people) The more you drink, the more sleepy you are. 

Caffeine as we know it

When it comes to caffeine (Not heroin) Hundreds and hundreds will think of coffee first. Followed by tea, soft drinks and energy drinks. Caffeine as we know it Has properties to act against substances that cause drowsiness in the brain. which is adenosine (adenosine) causes people who drink coffee or getting caffeine into the body so it’s not sleepy and feel awake

Adenosine is a type of neurotransmitter. accumulated in nerve cells because normally Adenosine is already caused by the energy of the body. The more energy consumed, the body becomes exhausted. Causing this substance to accumulate in the brain will make us sleepy. The higher the level of adenosine in the arousal nervous system in the brainstem, the higher the level of adenosine. It will only be associated with increased levels of sleepiness. The intake of caffeine into the nervous system thus inhibits the activity of adenosine in the brain. stimulates the brain and body

Drinking coffee can neutralize the action of adenosine in the brain. only when adenosine does not bind to receptors in the brain (Haven’t caught yet, still not sleepy), so if you drink coffee to stay awake. should drink before sleepy but if sleepy then drink. The properties of caffeine may not help you wake up much. Having to wait for the brain to deal with this set of adenosine (or go to bed) before we feel refreshed.

the body’s exposure to caffeine It increases the activity of the neurotransmitter dopamine (dopamine), which causes the brain to wake up. It has also been found that there may be an increase in the amount of serotonin (serotonin), which also affects mood. which will make you feel satisfied and happy

Drinking coffee makes me sleepy

Usually, coffee has an arousal effect that lasts for 15-30 minutes. Caffeine will be metabolized. Then the body will gradually Go back to being sleepy or tired as before That makes us have to find new coffee to drink to awaken the sleepy state.

But who drinks coffee regularly? The body will adjust to the amount of caffeine received. When the body gets used to it, it releases more adenosine. (Trying to beat each other) when drinking coffee in the same amount, so it doesn’t disappear. Plus, the duration of awakening is getting shorter and shorter. at one point. The body will enter into a state of resistance to caffeine. Turns out taking caffeine to get rid of drowsiness doesn’t work. Eat and feel sleepy anyway.

In other words, the caffeine in coffee blocks adenosine receptors in the brain. To keep them from sticking together But caffeine does not inhibit the production of adenosine. And did nothing to inhibit the increase in adenosine receptors. means that when the caffeine effect wears off. The brain accumulates adenosine that it wants to bind to receptors. leading to fatigue and exhaustion

This is a simple explanation. that the more we become addicted to coffee drinking for a long time. You will feel that the same amount of coffee may not make you as alert as before. The effect of caffeine in subsequent cups of coffee decreases, resulting in caffeine tolerance. And it makes us want more caffeine. The more days you sleep less Exhaustion is getting worse. All day that day I feel sleepy, dizzy, confused, even though I have already drank coffee.

besides that There are a few other factors that prevent your body from responding as well to caffeine as it should:

Caffeine has a responsive effect on the cardiovascular system. Some people drink coffee and their hearts tremble. rapid heart rate causing exhaustion from a condition in which the heart beats fast Until I feel like I’m sleepy, even though. I’m actually just so tired that I want to rest.

  • sleep debt from insufficient rest, sleep late,ufabet, sleep less, do not sleep at all times, do not sleep well, or sleep less than 6 hours a day for a long time Adenosine, which often invites sleep, therefore delays the time to come faster. And have more strength It causes drowsiness after drinking coffee.
  • Coffee has a mild diuretic effect. Drinking coffee can make you urinate more often than usual. thus dehydrating the body to maintain blood pressure and blood circulation Dehydration can cause your heart to beat faster and your blood pressure to drop. Leading to a feeling of fatigue and sluggishness
  • Caffeine constricts blood vessels. narrows some blood vessels Water can interfere with blood flow to different parts of the body. Dehydration can also cause your heart to beat faster.
  • Sugar in Coffee Some people are not addicted to caffeine. But may be addicted to the sweetness from coffee. Especially those who add syrup or whipped cream. Or put it here and there every time you drink iced coffee. Your body normally uses sugar faster than caffeine. after the body has used up all the sugar We will feel like low energy (sugar drop) and therefore exhausted and sleepy.
  • Drinking coffee late in the day or after noon In some people, it may worsen the quality of sleep during the night. Having insomnia, not getting enough sleep because caffeine wakes up the brain Even though the body wants to sleep fully really make bedtime We should sleep deeply Some people drink coffee and sleep normally. But that doesn’t mean it’s effective sleep. I woke up so tired anyway.
  • Not everyone responds to caffeine the same way. Some people are sleepy since the cup of coffee hasn’t finished yet. Some people feel sleepy after just one drink. While many others can drink several glasses a day. and did not feel that there was no negative effect on health

How to relieve drowsiness after drinking coffee

This can be done by reducing dependence on coffee for reasons to get rid of sleepiness. It will help the body to adapt by gradually reducing the amount of coffee consumption from 2 cups a day to a cup a day. Drink every day to drink every other day. Or if it’s not necessary, don’t drink. drink coffee on an empty stomach Caffeine is best absorbed by the body. most sleepy So we often drink coffee instead of breakfast and if we are sleepy, we have to fix it by sleeping. Just getting enough rest can reduce your dependence on coffee.

The daily amount of caffeine that is safe for the body Is about 400 mg, but the recommended amount of caffeine per day should not exceed 200 mg or about 2 cups of coffee, because actually drinking 3-5 cups of coffee per day will help prevent many diseases. and help certain body systems But if drinking too much, there will be side effects.