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Van Gaal worried about Wijnaldum’s situation

Georginio Wijnaldum has always been a mainstay of Liverpool. The Netherlands national team, excellent on-field performances and helping Liverpool win the UEFA Champions League. Successful before moving to Paris Saint-Germain with a contract that has already expired. Although Liverpool will offer a new contract to consider. But it is Georginio Wijnaldum rejected a new contract at Liverpool Submitted before moving to Paris Saint-Germain.

Georginio Wijnaldum hopes to step up to Paris Saint-Germain’s mainstay. But with so many options in midfield, Georginio Wijnaldum looks likely. Is only a backup of Paris Saint-Germain only. Now does not participate in the goals of Paris Saint-Germain. The nation therefore has the opportunity to regain confidence.

But Louis van Gaal admits that Georginio Wijnaldum’s continued absence from Paris Saint-Germain has caused some concern for him. Van Gaal said in an interview: “The fact that Georginio Wijnaldum is not playing continuously like this has caused some concern for me. But personally I have had discussions with Jorgi. Nillo Wijnaldum is complete about the situation with him and Paris Saint-Germain.”