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Match: [Norway Eliteserien]Kristiansund BK VS Sandefjord

Match: [Norway Eliteserien]Kristiansund BK VS Sandefjord

Race time: Sunday 18 July 2021 23.00

Open rating: Kristiansund BK vs 0.5 at Kristiansund Stadion.

Last meeting of all events
NOR D1 31/08/20 Sandefjord 0-2 Kristiansund BK
NOR D1 29/07/20 Kristiansund BK 3-1 Sandefjord the
NOR D1 29/10/18 Kristiansund BK 3-2 Alexandria fjord
NOR D1 15/04/18 Alexandria fjord 3-3 Kristiansund BK
NOR D1 20/11. /17 Kristiansund BK 3-2
Sandefjord NOR D1 17/04/17 Sandefjord 2-0 Kristiansund BK
INT CF 20/02/17 Kristiansund B K 1-0
Sandefjord NOR D2 30/10/16 Kristiansund BK 3-2
Sandefjord NOR D2 12/06/16 Sandefjord 0-0 Kristiansund BK
NOR D2 14/08/14 Kristiansund BK 1-1 Sandefjord

Overall results of the host
NOR D1 10/07/21 Rosenborg 1-0 Kristiansund BK
NOR D1 06/07/21 Kristiansund BK 3-2 SK Braun
NOR D1 30 /06/21 Tromso
IL 0-0 Kristiansund BK NOR D1 24/06/21 Kristiansund BK 1-1
Mjondalen NOR D1 20/06/21 Haugesund 3 -0 Kristiansund BK
NOR D1 12/06/21 Kristiansund BK 2-0
Odd Grenland NOR D1 30/05/21 Kristiansund BK 1-0 Lillestrom
NOR D1 27/05 /21 Sarpsborg 08 FF 0-1 Kristiansund BK
NOR D1 24/05/21 Kristiansund BK 1-0
Stromsgodset NOR D1 16/05/21 Valeren Ka 1-2 Kristiansund BK

Overall results of the away team
NOR D1 10/07/21 Sandefjord 2-0 Sarpsborg 08 FF
NOR D1 04/07/21 Stabek 0-2 Sandefjord. Ford
NOR D1 30/06/21 Alexandria fjord 1-0 Bodo A. Lim, the
NOR D1 24/06/21 Nordstrom could set 4-0 Alexandria fjord
NOR. D1 19/06/21 Sandefjord 3-0 Vikings
FK NOR D1 12/06/21 Sandefjord 1-3 Mold
NOR D1 30-05/21 Valere
NGA 3-1 Sandefjord NOR D1 27/05/21 Sandefjord 1-2 Rosenborg
NOR D1 24/05/21 Tromso IL 1-3 Alexander fjord
NOR D1 16/05/21 Alexandria fjord 0-3 Jon M. Daniel Lane.

Probability :

Kristiansund BK’s recent results have dropped a lot. The past 5 games have only found victory only once. The offensive line can’t give any hope. Falling down to the fourth place, then the Sandefjord has won 3 consecutive matches in a row, scoring 5 goals and not conceding a child. full of confidence Up to 10, away from the relegation zone, increased to 5 points, a record of meeting the host that is much superior The visitors actually came, but they were filled with morale. It’s definitely fun to fight with the locals. The price rate is open. Half the ball. You can press it. Chances are always very high.

Expected match result: Kristiansund BK 2-1
Open rate: Kristiansund BK vs 0.5
Confidence: 7/10