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Match: [Norway Eliteserien] SK Brann VS Mjondalen

Match: [Norway Eliteserien] SK Brann VS Mjondalen

Race time: Sunday 18 July 2021 23.00

Open Rate: Brann’s 0.5 per
Brann’s Stadio transfer.

Last meeting of all events
NOR D1 17/10/20 Mjondalen 2-0 SK Brann
NOR D1 16/08/20 SK Brann 0-1
Mjondalen NOR D1 18/08/19 Mjondalen 2-1 SK Brann
NOR D1 06/07/19 SK Brann 0-0
Mjondalen NOR Cup 10/08/17 M
Jondalen 1-0 SK Braun NOR D2 27/11/14 Mjondalen 3-0 SK Brann
NOR D2 24/11/14 SK Brann 1-1 N Jon M. Daniel Lane
NOR Cup 29/05/13 SK Brann’s 1-2 Jon M. Daniel Lane.

Overall results of the host
NOR D1 11/07/21 SK Brann 1-1 Tromso
IL NOR D1 06/07/21 Kristiansund BK 3-2 SK Braun
NOR D1 01/07/21 SK Braun 1-1 Lillestrom
NOR D1 24/06/21 Haugesund 1-0 SK Braun
NOR D1 20/06/21 SK Braun 1-3
Odd Grenland NOR D1 13/06/21 Sarpsborg 08 FF 0-0 SK Braun
INT CF 07/06/21 SK Braun 3-0 Oygarden FK
NOR D1 30/05/21 SK Brann 3-0
Stromgodset NOR D1 27/05/21 Stabek 2-0 SK Braun
NOR D1 24/05/21 SK Brann 1-2 Bodo Glimt

Overall performance of the visiting team
NOR D1 10/07/21 Mjondalen 3-0 Haugesund
NOR D1 04/07/21 Lillestrom 2-1 Mjondalen
NOR D1 01/ 07/21 Mjondalen 1-2 Grenland
NOR D1 24/06/21 Kristiansund BK 1-1
Mjondalen NOR D1 20/06/21 Mjondalen 1-1 S Nordstrom could set
NOR D1 13/06/21 Bodo A. Lim 2-0, the Jon M. Daniel Lane
INT CF 04/06/21 Jon M. Daniel Lane 3-1 Ulrika Beit Singer Lisa Keith
NOR D1. 30/05/21 Mjondalen 0-0 Mold
NOR D1 27/05/21 Viking FK 2-1
Mjondalen NOR D1 24/05/21 Mjondalen 1-1 Valerenga

Probability :  ufabet

SK Brann, the form of play is not very good. Can’t beat the opponent in all 6 games on the field, the defensive line still has the same problems. The offensive line can’t give hope. On the side of Mjondalen, the results are no different. But it’s nice to be able to spell some victory. But the main problem would be the support line that is quite problematic. Ranked 13th at this time, the statistics of the away team meeting are superior to SK Brann who has actually watched the nest. It doesn’t look any better than the guest. The open price rate is given to the host for 0.5, then press the second one. You won’t be disappointed

Expected match result: Brann 1-1
Open rate: Brann vs 0.5
Confidence: 7/10