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“Skin parasite disease”, a dangerous danger nearby, causes, symptoms, and treatment methods

Department of Medicine by the Institute of Dermatology Suggests that skin worm disease is a common disease in people who walk barefoot. or children sitting on the ground Advise people to always wear shoes when walking. Avoid sitting or touching sandy soil that may be contaminated with animal droppings. Allows parasites to penetrate the skin.

"Skin parasite disease", a dangerous danger nearby, causes, symptoms, and treatment methods

Parasitic diseases that penetrate the skin What is the cause?

Dr. Manat Phothaporn, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, revealed that from the news report about the presence of strongyloid parasites. (Strongyloidiasis) penetrates the skin. person who walks barefoot and penetrates human skin enter the bloodstream make that person sick Some people’s symptoms are severe because they have spread to vital organs and become infected and cause death.  Parasitic diseases that penetrate the skin It is a skin disease caused by roundworm larvae that penetrate the skin. It is usually caused by hookworms found in many animals. The most common are From cats and dogs, from cows, buffalo, and animal threadworms. 

Where can parasites be found?

Dr. Mingkwan Wichaidit, Director of the Institute of Dermatology, Department of Medical Services, added: The contagious worm larvae are found in wet soil contaminated with animal droppings. and will spread into normal skin or skin with a wound in people who walk barefoot or children sitting on the ufabet ground or sand near the beach

Symptoms of skin worm disease

Symptoms of people infected with the parasite are a rash on the hands. Feet or buttocks that are in direct contact with sandy soil Seen as raised, red lines or clear fluid-filled blisters, approximately 3 mm in size and up to 20 cm in length, zigzag along the path of the parasite. which can move 2-3 millimeters to several centimeters per day very itchy Skin symptoms usually occur 1-5 days after exposure. and can last for 2-14 weeks or up to a year. Other symptoms that may be found in some patients include lung symptoms such as coughing or hives.

For worms, the movement of the larvae is deeper in the skin. Therefore causing swelling, redness, inflammation and pain, moving around, unlike the hookworm group. Because it is not the home of these parasites. This makes the parasite unable to grow into an adult in humans. Therefore it lingers in the skin until it dies on its own or the body’s immune system takes action or from treatment.

Treatment of skin infestation parasites

Director of the Institute of Skin Diseases Provide additional information: Treatment uses the anthelmintic drug albendazole 400 mg per day for 3 days or ivermectin orally as a single dose. It is a treatment that works well. This is because in Thailand a high rate of hookworm disease is found in cats and dogs. Therefore, there is a high chance of parasites contaminating the environment. The best protection is Do not allow parasites to enter the body. You must always wear shoes when walking. And avoid sitting or touching soil and sand that may be contaminated with animal droppings. And cats and dogs should be dewormed to prevent the spread of parasites into the soil.