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Rangnick admits taking Manchester United to the top four is not easy

Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick admits getting Manchester United back into the top four was not easy after losing to Wolverhampton Wanderers. last match

Manchester United have been successfully. Elevated to a guaranteed team in the top four despite never winning a trophy promptly boosting fan expectations. Chester United’s 2021/22 season has been unsatisfactory and has now slipped out of the top four, four points behind fourth-placed Arsenal and still playing fewer games. Arsenal up to two games before facing Wolverhampton.

Of course, if Manchester United successfully defeated Wolverhampton. It will immediately overtake Arsenal. But Manchester United’s latest game has disappointingly dropped points with Wolverhampton Wanderers pushing the defeat at home. Marking the chance of getting back into the top four areas more difficult.

I can’t confirm anything at the moment and if I saw the performance in the last match and I said we would definitely be in the top four then no one would believe us and the important thing. For me is to get back in form as quickly as possible. Although it is not easy to get into the top four. There are still many matches to play and we need to win. as much as possible.