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Match: [Sweden Allsvenskan] Halmstad vs Valberg

Match: [Sweden Allsvenskan] Halmstad vs Valberg

Competition time : Monday 19 July 2021 00.00

Open rate: Halmstads vs. 0.5 at Tele2 Arena.

Last meeting of all events
INT CF 13/02/21 Halmstad(N) 3-3 Valberg FC
01/02/20 Valberg FC 1-2 Halmstad
SWE D2 29/ 09/19 Halmstad 3-2 Valberg FC 18/05/19 Valberg FC 1-0 Halmstad
09/02/19 Halmstad 3-1 Valberg FC
15/09/18 Halmstad 1-1 Valberg FC  21/07/18 Halmstad 1-1 Valberg FC  02/06/18 Valberg FC 2-3 ha Holmes cut
23/08/16 collided at the intersection 3-0 Valberg the FC Sunward SWE the D2 13/05/16 Valberg FC 0-1 collided at the intersection.

Overall results of the host
SWE D1 13/07/21 Halmstad 0-0 Juergarden 04/07/21 Hammarby 1-1 Halmstad
INT CF 28/ 06/21 Hacken 0-2 Halmstad
19/06/21 Mallby 1-2 Halmstad
SWE D1 23/05/21 Halmstad 0-0 Degerf Spiegel
18/05/21 ELF’s Bourke 2-3 collided at the intersection
13/05/21 collided at the intersection Mjallby 1-1
08/05/21 Rio. Rebro 1-0 Halmstad  SWE D1 02/05/21 Halmstad 1-1 Gothenburg
SWE D1 25/04/21 Norkoping 2-1 Halmstad

Overall results of the away team
SWE D1 10/07/21 AIK Solna 2-1
Valberg FC SWE D1 04/07/21 Valberg FC 1-1 Kalmar
INT CF 29/06/21 Helsingborg York 2-0
Valberg FC INT CF 23/06/21 Valberg FC 1-0 Elfsborg
SWE D1 23/05/21 Hacken 3-1
Valberg FC SWE D1 18/05/21 Valberg FC 2-1
Norrkoping SWE D1 13/05/21 Valberg FC 1-3 Hamma Derby
SWE D1 09/05/21 Malmo 3-2 Valberg the FC
Sunward SWE 02/05/21 resurrected the D1 Leinster Haugesund 1-2 Valberg the FC
Sunward SWE the D1 25/04/21 Valberg FC 1-3. yer garden

Probability :

Halmstad’s recent performance is really unusual. Unbeaten for 5 consecutive times, the defensive line has done very well. Defensive play is very tough. Their tactic is also counterattack. Moved up to 12 in the Valberg FC form, not at all. Can’t find victory in 3 matches in a row, the defensive line has been shot 5 goals, still in the relegation zone as usual The statistics of the host encounter are clearly superior. Today playing at Halmstads, there is a lot of advantage over the away team. The image of the game is the host who advances to attack the guest on one side. before crushing to win in the end

Predicted match result: Halmstad 3-1
Open rating: Halmstad
v 0.5 Confidence: 7/10