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Match: [Champions League] Rapid Vienna vs Sparta Prague

Match: [Champions League] Rapid Vienna vs Sparta Prague

Race time: Tuesday, July 20, 2021 at 1:30 a.m.

Open rating: Draw at Allianz Stadion.

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INT CF 03/07/11 Rapid Vienna 0-2 Sparta Prague
INT CF 09/02/08 Sparta Prague 0-0 Rapid Vienna

Overall results of the host
AUT CUP 17/07/21 Rapid Vienna 6-0 Wiener Viktoria
INT CF 11/07/21 Rapid Vienna 1-0 Copenhagen
07/07/21 Rapid Vienna 2-2 Sank Polten 03/07/21 Rapid Vienna 0-0 Lokomotiv Moscow
30/06/21 SV Oberwart 0-3 Rapid Vienna
26/06 /21 Lafnitz 2-5 Rapid Vienna INT CF 22/06/21 Rapid Vienna 0-4 Wiener Sportklub
AUT D1 22/05/21 Rapid Vienna 3-0 LASK Linz
16/05 /21 Sturm Graz 4-1 Rapid Vienna AUT D1 13/05/21 Red Bull Salzburg 2-0 Rapid Vienna

Overall performance of the visiting team
INT CF 12/07/21 Sparta Prague 2-2 Dinamo Moscow
09/07/21 Wolfsberger 3-2 Sparta Prague
08/07/21 Sparta Prague 4-1 SV Spittal
INT CF 06/07/21 Arsenal Tula(N) 1-4 Sparta Prague
INT CF 01/07/21 Sparta Prague 1 -0 SK
Licens INT CF 30/06/21 Sparta Prague 4-1 Nurnberg B
INT CF 26/06/21 Sparta Prague 7-0
Duka Prax INT CF 22/06/21 Sparta Prague 8-1 Sokol Hostoun
CZE D1 29/05/21 Sparta Prague 6-1
Berno CZE D1 23/05/21 FC Bohemians 1905 1-2 Sparta Prague

Probability :  ufabet

Rapid Vienna just opened the field to a 6-0 victory over Wiener Viktoria. The defensive line was played together firmly. On the side of Sparta Prague, the warm-up results are not normal at all. Only one defeat from 10 games played. The offensive line is still doing well. Defense is considered to have lost quite a lot of goals. The away stats were slightly better. Today, playing in Rapid Vienna’s nest, quite an advantage over the visitors. The price rate is always open. Better stay local At worst, it’s probably just always.

Predicted match result: Rapid Vienna 2-1
Open rate: Draw
Confidence: 7/10