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Match : [Champions League] Ferencvarosi vs Salgiris

Match : [Champions League] Ferencvarosi vs Salgiris

Race time: Tuesday, July 20, 2021 at 1:00 a.m.

Open rate: Ferencvaros v 1.5 at the Groupama Arena.

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never met

Overall results of the host
UEFA CL 14/07/21 Pristina 1-3 Ferencvarosi TC
06/07/21 Ferencvarosi TC 3-0 Pristina
INT CF 30/06/21 Ferencvarosi TC 1-0 Dunajska Streda 25/06/21 Ferencvarosi TC 5-0 SV Heimstetten
23/06/21 Ludogorets Razgrad (N) 1-3 Ferencvarosi TC  20/06/21 Legia Warsaw 0-2 Ferencvarosi TC
HUN D1 08/05/21 Budapest Honved 1-2 Ferencvarosi TC
02/05/21 Ferencvarosi TC 2-1 Mesocovesd Chori
25/04/21 Mole Vidy 1-2 Ferencvarosi TC
21/04/21 Ferencvarosi TC 3-0 Ujpest

Overall results of the away team
UEFA CL 14/07/21 Linfield 1-2
Salgiris UEFA CL 07/07/21 Salgiris 3-1 Linfield
LIT D1 02 /07/21 FK Riteriai 0-0
LIT D1 27/06/21 Salgiris 2-0 Nevezis LIT D1 18/06/21 Dziugas Telsiai 0-3 Salgiris
LIT Cup 15 /06/21
FK Dynava Alitus 0-3 Salgiris LIT D1 11/06/21 Suduva 0-2
Salgiris LIT D1 28/05/21 Salgiri S 2-2 Kauno Zalgiris
LIT Cup 24/05/21 Salgiris 5-0
Banka Garzdai LIT D1 21/05/21 Banka Garzdai 1-3 Salgiris

Probability :

Ferencvarosi The form of play is not normal at all. Win 10 consecutive games in a row. The offensive line is not normal at all. Always hold on to hope Defensive play was excellent, Salkiris’s performance was equally good, collected 2 wins in a row, scored 5 goals, only lost 2 goals, morale is quite good. The two teams have never met on the field. Today playing in the nest of Ferencvarosi is true, but not much superior to Salgiris, must bear the price per 1.5, consider it too expensive, wait better, lose no more than 1 pill

Expected match result: Ferencvarosi 2-1
Open rate: Ferencvaros
v 1.5 Confidence: 7/10